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  • Phone +36 703 369 381
  • intercomex2022@gmail.com
  • Phone +36 703 369 381
  • intercomex2022@gmail.com
    Business brokerage: successful relationships,
    advice and expansion for clients
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    Strategic buying and selling partner: opportunities,
    quality products and global portfolio
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    Distribution and logistics: integrated management,
    agile and cost-effective deliveries for customers
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Purchase and sale of goods

Strategic partner in merchandise trading: we identify opportunities, procure quality products at competitive prices and work with global manufacturers to offer an extensive catalog.

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Business intermediation

Commercial intermediation: we establish national and international commercial relationships, facilitating successful transactions, personalized advice and expansion of our clients.

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Distribution & logistics

Distribution and logistics: complete integrated solutions that include warehouse management, transportation, shipping, agile, safe and economical delivery, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

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Inter-Comex KFT trading, brokerage, distribution and logistics services.

Inter-Comex KFT

Welcome to Inter-Comex KFT, a leading European company with the object of purchasing and selling merchandise and commercial intermediation in a wide variety of sectors. We specialize in the distribution and logistics of products, guaranteeing that our transport solutions are efficient and profitable for our clients.

In addition, we pride ourselves on being experts in the pharmaceutical sector, providing drug and medical product supply services nationally and internationally. We have a highly trained and committed team that strives to offer exceptional service to each of our clients and associates.

What do we do?

Inter-Comex KFT is a company dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions for the sale of merchandise, commercial intermediation, distribution and logistics services.

As experts in the pharmaceutical sector, we focus on meeting the needs of our customers, ensuring that their products arrive quickly and safely at the destination.

By focusing on various sectors in addition to pharmaceuticals and having extensive knowledge of distribution, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions for each of our customers.

Purchase and sale of merchandise

We act as the ideal strategic partner for your business in the field of purchasing and selling of merchandise. We take care of identifying business opportunities, acquiring high-quality products at competitive prices and making them available to our customers. Thanks to our partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers around the world, we ensure that we are offering a wide catalog of products, ranging from raw materials to finalized consumer goods.

Commercial intermediation

Commercial intermediation is one of our strengths. We take care of establishing business relationships between companies, both nationally and internationally, in order to facilitate successful and profitable transactions for both parties. At Inter-Comex KFT we act as mediators in the negotiation of agreements, looking after the interests of our clients and offering personalized counseling at each stage of the process. In addition, thanks to our experience and in deepth knowledge of various sectors and markets, we can identify business opportunities and facilitate the expansion of our clients.

Distribution and logistics

Success in trade depends not only on products and trade agreements, but also on an efficient supply and distribution chain. For this reason, we offer comprehensive distribution and logistics solutions that range from warehouse and inventory management to the transport and shipment of merchandise. We take care of coordinating and optimizing all stages of the process, guaranteeing agile, safe and economical deliveries for our clients.

A high specialization in the pharmaceutical sector, in addition to offering our services in various sectors, in our company, we have a high specialization in the pharmaceutical field. This allows us to understand the particularities and regulations of this industry, offering specific solutions adjusted to its demanding quality and safety standards.

What makes us different?

Customer success

At Inter-Comex KFT, we are committed to the success of our clients and partners in the world of merchandise trade and distribution. We are endorsed by years of experience and a passion for offering the best in logistics and intermediation.

Commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to position ourselves as a benchmark on the market with the main players in the industry. Throughout our history, we have built solid and lasting relationships with our clients and collaborators, becoming a trusted leader in our sector.

Highly specialized

Our team is highly specialized and works hard to provide the best services, solving any incident and exceeding the expectations of our clients in each operation. We understand that each company and each sector face unique challenges and opportunities, which is why we tailor our services to your specific needs and requirements.